About us

Cosmoparticle physics maybe the fundamental discipline that emerged last in the XXth century, and it is a quickly evolving field. It studies the relationship between the largest scales of the Universe and the smallest scales in Nature. As such, it is at present a multi-disciplinary field, turned to new methods of observation (gravitational lensing, high-energy cosmic rays, neutrinos, gamma ray satellites, etc), to new models that aim at an explanation of present puzzles (dark matter, dark energy, various signals from many experiments) and to new theories extending our present knowledge of particle physics and gravity.
The CosPa network aims at federating the various Belgian groups working on cosmoparticle physics and at increasing the visibility of cosmoparticle physics, regionally, and nationally.
The activities of the network include:

  • The organization of short thematic meetings in different Belgian cities, dedicated to a specific topic of interest. These meetings consist of morning lectures by international invited speakers, afternoons of regular talks on the same topic or of exercise sessions for PhD and young Postdoctoral researchers.
  • Public evening lectures from well-known national or international scientists.
  • A participation in summer schools of particle physics and astrophysics.

This network is funded by FWO and FNRS