Eighth COSPA meeting,
Friday November 10,  2017, ULB,

(Self-) Interacting Dark Matter


9:45: L. Lopez-Honorez & J.R. Cudell
Welcome (10)

10:00: Jesus Zavala (CAC Iceland)
ETHOS: the impact of non-gravitational dark matter interactions in structure formation and evolution

11:00: Pause (30)

11:30: Sbastien Clesse (FUNDP)
 Rethinking Dark Matter Interactions with Primordial Black Holes (25+5)

12:00: Sven De Rijcke (UGENT)
he role of Dark Matter in simulations of Dwarf Galaxie​s  (25+5)

12:30: LUNCH (90)

14:00: Kai Schmidt-Hoberg (DESY)
Self-interacting dark matter, current status and perspectives

15:00: Tom Cornelis-(UGENT)
Search for dark matter with the CMS experiment (25+5)

15:30: Pause (30)

16:00: Maxim Laletin  (ULige)
Strongly interacting dark matter doesn't explain the DAMA signal 

16:30: Michele Lucente (UCL)
Lepton number symmetry in connection with neutrino masses,
dark matter, and leptogenesis  (25+5)

17:00: Daniele Teresi (ULB)
Clockwork dark matter


Venue: Salle Solvay